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A Partnership


The A.I. does not automatically trade for you and you're not obligated to follow what it does. It simply acts as an impartial and unbiased trading partner. It will send you email or text alerts with signals for Buy, Sell, Hold, or Wait for the stocks on your Watch List. These signals are based on complex patterns within the market and the past movement of each stock. It won't react to news headlines. A great partnership with the A.I. should include a little human intuition as well as staying up to date with the latest news for your investments. Once you start to see what the A.I. is doing you'll notice it might make better decisions than you would have made, making the most of gains and avoiding more losses. Over time these decisions could compound to increase gains beyond what you would have made alone. Just like any tool, how you use it will determine your results.


Following the Signals


There are many strategies you can use when following the A.I. Sometimes you may only want to use Buy signals to time your entry into stocks, or Sell signals to give you confidence that it may be time to take your profits. You don't have to follow every signal. The A.I. is using its own patterns to time trades, not news cycles. It may be Buying or Selling when you strongly disagree. Always use your own human intuition and research to help you make the best decisions. Remember, this is a partnership with the A.I., by working together it can help where our own human emotions might get in the way. While the signals generally remain unchanged during a single trading day, there may be times when the A.I. changes them rapidly. It is not advisable to use the A.I. for high-frequency, or day trading.




The use of stop-loss orders, trailing stops, and other trading tools are highly recommended. The A.I. doesn't understand the intrinsic value humans place on money, gains and losses are treated with equal non-emotion. Also, the market can move rapidly in ways the A.I. may not be able to react to. Always use your trading platform's tools as needed.


Do Your Part


Always perform research for any stock in which you wish to invest. Also, be aware of broader market conditions that may negatively effect the A.I.'s ability to follow rational market trends. The A.I. can not always avoid losses due to sudden market corrections. You should be as nimble as possible with your investment strategies. You should not hold your position if the price drops below your comfort level or if news suggests a very negative sentiment. Exit the position when needed and re-enter at the next buy signal from the A.I. if conditions are favorable. The best way to use the A.I. is in collaboration with your human brain. Two brains are better than one!

*To the extent any of the content published as part of our services may be deemed to be investment advice, such information is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any specific person.

High volume, established, or blue-chip stocks are best. The A.I. follows over 400 of the most popular stocks from the Dow, NASDAQ, and S&P 500. You can add a single stock or group of stocks to your Watch List at any time, but some stocks will not perform as well as others. The A.I. depends on price movements to make money, buying or selling during the normal price swings for a highly traded stock. With a low-volume stock it will not be able to give reliable signals often enough, greatly reducing the efficacy of the A.I.


It does not perform optimally with penny stocks, highly erratic stocks, or ETFs. Available history, modest price movement, and the general stability of the company are the most important factors. 

BUY - The Buy signal from the A.I. suggests that if you are not already invested it may be a good time to buy. If you are already invested you can increase your position if desired, or hold if fully invested.


HOLD - The Hold signal from the A.I. suggests that you hold any position already invested. It may not be good timing to buy or sell.


SELL - The Sell signal from the A.I. suggests it may be a good time to sell your position.


WAIT - The A.I. is waiting for a better price to enter into this stock. If already owned it could be treated as a hold.


STOP - The A.I. has issued a stop loss for this stock. By placing these the A.I. can limit losses due to sudden downward price movements and/or attempt to maintain gains. Placing your own stop loss is highly recommended, price or percentages at your discretion.


The signals are generally intended for use near the end of the trading day. The A.I. re-evaluates signals every 10 minutes until market close, gaining confidence in the signals near the end of the day. Generally they will stay the same throughout a single trading day but they should not be viewed as long-term trading signals. The A.I. will lean toward a certain signal throughout the day, then it gives its opinion at 3pm EST.

*To the extent any of the content published as part of our services may be deemed to be investment advice, such information is impersonal and not tailored to the investment needs of any specific person.

The Watchlist is your personal list of stocks from the more than 400 stocks that the A.I. is following. Simply click the "Add to My Watchlist" button next to the stock you'd like to see on your list. You can set email or text alerts for stocks in your watchlist and the A.I. will send you its current trading signal for your stocks (during market hours). You can add or remove stocks to your Watchlist at any time and you can have up to 20 stocks on the list.

Yes and No. It depends on how aggressively you plan on trading stocks or following the A.I.'s signals. With high trading fees on your trading platform it may not be wise to trade as often as the A.I. trades. With smaller investments you may wish to follow less often, or choose a long-term holding strategy, only trading occasionally during the most favorable market conditions. With larger investments the trading fees can be offset more easily. A minimum investment level of around $2500 is suggested for active swing trading with the A.I. for each stock. Remember to use the tools within your trading platform to trade more effectively and minimize any losses.